Watch wow quest helper addon

quest helper in wow...alows you to save money from buying those damn guides,,,this isnt my vid but thought it should be put out there...go to How to get, install, and use the QuestHelper for World of Warcraft I made this in hopes people would stop asking me how a mod works or how to get it working ... Also i made it so if they do ask i can just give em a site to go to ..Please post comments and rate how much this helped you ... Your gonna have to pause it in some places to read what I have to say...Also i know the quality of my video isnt very good, i'm still searching for a better FREE recorder lol.... if you have any further question please post them.... I havent been makeing my movies lately cause i was on a different computer for a while... cough damn virus cough.... well please subscribe and ill be makeing more video's from now on... good luck with all your mod needs....World of warcraft wow Warcraft get it :) This song and video I made was an entry for the Xfire Summer Movie Contest and placed third in the Dance/Music Category. This parody of Weird Al Yankovic's "Your Horoscope for Today" takes his entertaining lyrics and changes them into a parody of World of Warcraft. about my world of warcraft guys need quest mates. to find out more