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Welcome to "Lord of the Whorl" one of the many primal fights within the story. Now Leviathan which is the primal we will be fighting today is surprisingly not a very hard fight despite what the title says his mechanics are easily understandable and it is quite possible to down him first try without very little difficulty. First things first someone must be designated the "button pusher" I like to call him, try not to designate a tank if at all possible because during the button pushing process both tanks should be tanking the tail or the head of Leviathan Alright starting the fight Leviathan will be centered onto the party main tank will heroically charge forward and attempt to negotiate with the beast leading to a confrontation with the beast in which case everyone will then jump Leviathan starting the fight. When this phase is over Leviathan will throw a hisifit and slam his body onto the boat causing the boat to shift to one side pushing all party members to the vicinity of which he will attempt to gobble your face off. Have no fear because while this happens the main tank should begin to wrestle with the beast while the off tank gets to play with leviathans butt tail thing. The tanks basically have no role outside of this and will likely continue to be doing this until the end of the fight. The only other thing the tanks should be doing is gathering in the center after the tail and head submerge Why must we push this stupid button you ask? Well around 50% of Leviathans health while there is reports saying that it is spontatious and could happen at any time. Generally he starts to use tidal wave which will wipe the party if the shields are down. The shields will be down if no one is pushing the button. Be cognizant because it is very random from what I have heard however I ran him 3 times and found he normally begins to use this mechanic when he is around 50% of his health. What must a healer do to help you ask? I'm no expert in the medical field at all, however, Aside from casually throwing them heals around,my first run I saw a healer throwing up a giant barrier during phases when Leviathans head and tail would submerge itself into the water. I'm not quite sure if this mitigates damage if so please follow his example because during this process Leviathan will do 1 of 2 things he will begin to jump over the boat through the middle hitting all party members causing little to almost no damage what so ever OR he will cast tidal wave again this skill is used around 50%. Next is the DPS roles or the role of damage doers. Easy enough obviously while dwitling Leviathans health down, you will notice adds pop up periodically, It is important that you drop these guys as fast as possible. Drop it like its hot, tell them to go home, throw them over board I'm not saying kill them I'm saying they cannot be on that ship at all, just at all... so yeah kill them. There are two sets of adds that pop up sahagins and yellow glowing orb things while partying with the sahagins I'm not sure if the bubbles are a representation of our drunken imagination either way both are bad and require that they die so DPS while on the job need to make sure that they take them out. Aside from what I talked about most of the other mechanics are easily missed if not hard to notice, Even though this is a hardmode fight the fight is extremely easy and drops no loot. Healers job may also have more to do then what I discuss however the fight is still fairly easy. If you rotate constantly these mechanics you will most likely win this fight and continue onto the story. Thank you for watching my channel drop a like or comment below, subscribe and I will see you guys next time! Welcome to episode 8 of the main quest of Final Fantasy 14! Patch 2.2 came out the 26th and with that new story mode and content has been released today I will be playing through the new main quest! Developer(s) Square Enix Publisher(s) Square Enix Director(s) Nobuaki Komoto (2005 - 2010) Naoki Yoshida[1] (2010 - 2012) Producer(s) Hiromichi Tanaka (2005 - 2010) Naoki Yoshida[1] (2010 - 2012) Designer(s) Nobuaki Komoto Artist(s) Akihiko Yoshida Writer(s) Yaeko Sato Composer(s) Nobuo Uematsu (2008 - 2010) Ryo Yamazaki (2010 - 2012) Naoshi Mizuta (2010 - 2012) Tsuyoshi Sekito (2010 - 2012) Masayoshi Soken (2010 - 2012) Series Final Fantasy Engine Crystal Tools Platform(s) Microsoft Windows[2] Release date(s) September 22, 2010 Genre(s) Massively multiplayer online role-playing game Mode(s) Multiplayer Distribution Optical disc


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