Watch final fantasy 14 quest list

Pallytime takes you through the "In Nature's Embrace" Conjurer quest. This is one of the more difficult class-specific quests - if you've had trouble with it, this video should help you out! Do you have any suggestions for us in Final Fantasy 14? Let us know in the comments below! See Pallytime's Channel ➜ See Our FFXIV Content ➜ =-=-=-==-=-=-==-=-=-= ★ Join The Gamer Nation! We Are Gamers. Partner With TGN! ➜ TGN's Awesome Website ➜ #TGNArmy = Get Promoted ➜ tgn-army/ Submit Your Videos To Us ➜ centralsubmit/ Subscribe To TGN News ➜ ★ Engage With The TGN Community! Engage TGN On Twitter ➜ Engage TGN on Reddit ➜ Engage TGN On Facebook ➜ Engage TGN on Google + ➜ =-=-=-==-=-=-==-=-=-=