Watch ffxiv main story quests

FOR ISHGARD! The Grand Melee event is amazing! Not only because it's fun, but there are so many "special guests" from the Allied Forces on this! I really hope the game will bring that kind of fight to the PvPs as well! Basically, each time you defeat the opposing team you earn a point. But each team has a marked player, and defeating that one earns 10 points to your team! The first team to get 100 Tactical Points is the winner! But wait! That's not the best part of it yet! After sometime, a Cyclops tries to interrupt the Melee, but Thancred helps to lure it away so the main character finally have a chance to fight... Wanna know who? Well, the video is up. What are you waiting for? Full Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Patch 3.2 Main Story Quests Playlist:


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