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In this episode I start the Anima Weapons Saga quests, the new relic weapon introduced in Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn as of Patch 3.15. FFXIV has a lot of relic or legendary weapons which are rewarded after long and testing quest lines, which provide a unique look and often have very powerful stats compared to current weapons though with the time it takes to gather them, more powerful weapons might be released by the time you get them. It is very much a case of if you would like to do it. You can skip the first stage of the Anima Weapon quest by trading in a Zeta weapon. This can be replaced with a Replica if you want a weapon of the same look for Glamour reasons. I am going for the Warrior Relic called Ukonvasara. Anima Weapons Name Background: The Anima Weapons have the following names: PLD: Almace - The sword of Turpin in the legendary Song of Roland; Ancile - the ancilia were twelve sacred shields kept in the temple of Mars MNK: Verethragna - Avestan divinity, "giver of victory" WAR: Ukonvasara - Symbol and magical weapon of the finnish thunder god Ukko DRG: Rhongomiant - (also Rhongomyniad) Spear of Arthur BRD: Gandiva - Bow of Arjuna, the hero of the Hindu epic Mahabharata, created by Brahma himself. NIN: Kannagi - (not a weapon for a change) a legendary Tamil vaisya woman, central character of the Tamil epic Silapathikaram. DRK: Nothung - Another name for Balmung/Gram, this time from Richard Wagner's Ring Cycle. MCH: Armageddon - Site of a gathering of armies for a battle during the end times (also used as a general term for an end of the world scenario) WHM: Majestas - Lat. for majesty/sovereign authority, e.g. Lex maiestatis, law of treason BLM: Hvergelmir - One of the three major springs at the primary roots of Yggdrasil, housing snakes and the dragon Níðhöggr (!) SMN: Draconomicon - just a word for something like "Encyclopedia of dragons", also an optional sourcebook for Dungeons & Dragons. SCH: Tetrabiblos - A text on the philosophy and practice of astrology, by Ptolemy. AST: Deneb - The brightest sta in the constellation Cygnus. Anima Weapon Guide: Patch 3.15 introduces the new Anima Weapons which sit at ilvl210. The starting quest can be picked up in Idyllshire. There are 3 quests that need to be completed in order, for each relic. However, you can work on multiple relics at one time. An example is picking up quest 1 on your PLD, whilst working on quest 3 for your WAR. 1: Soul Without Life This quest requires the collection of 18 atmas from FATEs in the new Heavensward areas. 3 atmas are required from each area. However, this stage can be skipped by trading in your Zeta relic weapon. You can complete the FATEs on any class, so feel free to use this grind to get some leveling done. NOTE: If you are trading in your relic, make sure to finish the 'Vital Title' quest from Jalzahn before you do. This is the quest you complete for the 'Home of the Brave' achievement. Sea of Clouds - Luminous Wind crystals Azys Lla - Luminous Fire Crystals Churning Mists - Luminous Lightning Crystals Coerthas Western Highlands - Luminous Ice Crystals Dravanian forelands - Luminous Earth Crystals Dravanian hinterlands - Luminous Water Crystals I will cover the other parts of the quest when I get there, in the mean time you can use the reddit guide if you already finished this stage. This is a let's play series showing my own experience through Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Any feedback or comments are greatly appreciated. ----------------------------------------­----------- YouTube Live Stream Schedule: Mon-Fri 7 pm UK, 2 pm EST, 11 am PST Sat-Sun 4 pm UK, 11 am EST, 8 am PST YouTube Gaming: YouTube Live: ----------------------------------------­----------- FINAL FANTASY XIV ©2010 - 2015 SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved. FINAL FANTASY is a registered trademark of Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd. All material used under license. Materials Usage License: ----------------------------------------­----------- Subscribe: Steam Wishlist: Paypal Donation: Amazon Wish List: Mithrie's Amazon Game Store (UK): Reduce Ping (a lot) - WTFast: Curse Union for Gamers Partner: