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This is my Gil Guide for New Players in Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn. SOCIAL MEDIA: Twitter: Facebook: I would recommend the following: 1) Convert unneeded gear into materia and sell it. You can unlock the ability to convert gear to Materia by completing the quest "Forging the Spirit" at level 19 info here: . 2) Do not repair gear unless its at 0% condition. When you're new you replace gear so often that most of the time it will not hit 0% condition before it's replaced, so no point spending gil to repair it unless you need to as it will not effect stats until its 0%. 3) Sell unneeded quest rewards. If you get items from a quest you do not need sell it on the marketboard. If it is not worth anything on a marketboard sell it to vendor. 4) Unlock the Challenge Log at level 14. Challenges are a good way of earning extra gil and experience by doing things you would normally be doing anyway. You can find details of unlocking the Challenge Log here: and . 5) Finish the main scenario to guide you to level 50. You will get a lot of gil and rewards along the way to level 50 by following the main scenario quest on your first class. 6) Control your spending. There is almost no reason to buy items from the market board or even vendors when leveling up your first class. 7) Use your retainers to sell items and control your bag space. Always having items on sale is the way to maintain a steady income as the game does not have any wasteful items and most items sell well. 8) Set a minimum gil balance for yourself. Do not allow your gil to drop below a certain point. For new players I would recommend around 100,000 gil so you can teleport and travel as you need to and repair at end game without needing to worry. 9) Use the dungeon roulette every day. This is a great feature for giving bonus experience and gil every day, and is ideal for all players including casual as 1 dungeon or guildhest a day doesn't take long to complete. 10) Once at level 50 and with some gil start crafting. I recently leveled an alt character and if you follow my advice listed above you should finish the main scenarion quest at level 50 on your first class with anything from 1-5 million gil depending on your server and the rewards you sell along the way. This is a great basis to start crafting which you can then use to make infinite gil after. I have more than 75 crafting and gathering guides on my channel that you can see here: . Other suggestions from comments: 11) Do Ixali beast tribe quests to help you level crafting cheap, sell Ehcatl Sealants after rank 5 if you do not need them. 12) Take advantage of favored and free teleport to aetherytes. You can select three aetherytes to be favored so they are cheaper, and if you have a one time password enabled on your account you can set one aetheryte to be free. If you have any other suggestions you would like to share let me know and I will keep this description up to date as I can. I hope this helps. If you are new and need further help feel free to message me here or check out my live stream at . 10 million Gil Guide: Oh Crap I'm Broke! Zero Gil Guide: This is a let's play series showing my own experience through Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Any feedback or comments are greatly appreciated. ----------------------------------------­----------- FINAL FANTASY XIV ©2010 - 2015 SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved. FINAL FANTASY is a registered trademark of Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd. All material used under license. Materials Usage License: ----------------------------------------­----------- Twitch Live Stream: Daily: 8 pm UK, Check Twitch Profile for next Stream Time. Ask me any question about the game any time. Monthly Give aways and more! ----------------------------------------­----------- Subscribe: Steam Wishlist: Amazon Wish List: Mithrie's Amazon Game Store (UK): Reduce Ping (a lot) - WTFast: Curse Union for Gamers Partner: